I felt tickled and rather amused when a young man approached me with a piece of paper bearing the title above, and requested that I write an essay on the hurry. Was he a journalist, an Education officer, or research student? However, after due consideration, particularly when the subject borders on my interest as a parent, I decided to satisfy his curiosity.

My first acquaintance with the institution was a far back as 1964 when I had cause to visit Ibadan as an undergraduate and at the same time visit a family. It sounded strange to me when I was informed that a six year old friend of mine, then Master Idowu Tokuta was in a boarding school called Omolewa Nursery/Primary Institution and this institution was a stone-throw from Idowu’s parents’ home. It was a fascinating experience because the children were orderly, clean and well looked after.
When I came to Ibadan in the very late sixties. My mind was made up to send my child. (which I did not have then) to this school. I was qualified in 1972 to become a parent having got my own child in this popular institution. That was the beginning of my second and remarkable association with the school and it continues till the present time. What struck me first was the clean and spacious environment, the attractive school uniform, the discipline, and the high standard and quality of education in this school, have endeared this Institution to many parents in this country. The high academic standard of the school was best demonstrated during the common entrance examination into secondary schools.

Today, I am delighted and greatly honoured to be associated with this school which has continued to maintain its traditional high standard, and has remained a model by which other primary schools in the state assess their performances. There is no wonder that despite the fact that Omolewa Nursery/Primary Institution is a fee paying school, in the midst of free education schools, there is still not enough room to enroll one third of the teeming crowd of pupils seeking admission into this school every year. Behind this magnificent edifice behind the toils and unparalleled achievements of this Institution, is an easy going unassuming and pleasant educationist, in the person of Chief (Mrs.) Vaughan.

I shall seize this opportunity to congratulate and commend the proprietress of the Institution and her staff on their selfless service to this community in particular and Nigeria at large. I shall urge them to continue with the good work in spite of the challenges of our times. I am certain that parents and teachers who have long been partners in the development of a healthy and enlightened citizenry will give the school all necessary support at all times.