School Activities

Like every other academic session across the country, Omolewa Nursery and Primary School has a school calendar of 3 terms in a year. Because we are a school that builds on the character, personality, and academic performance of a child, we have seasonal activities throughout the year that can help us achieve our aim in building a child that is sound both morally and academically.

  1. OPEN DAY:
    We use the first day of the academic year to welcome our students and parents/guardians to interact with our academic staff and school administrators. This interaction provides a unique opportunity for parents and guardians to ask our academic staff specific questions about the comprehensive education Omolewa provides to each students, ranging from our academic curriculum to a variety of social activities. We also use this important meeting to listen to ideas from parents and guardians on how we can further enhance the quality of education we provide for our students.
    We at Omolewa School strongly believe that an excellent education should connect convention academic education in English, mathematics, science, and social studies with a wider intellectual engagement that is readily available in our local community here in Ibadan. With this important idea in mind, we provide our students with a variety of excursion opportunities to interesting civic and social organizations in Ibadan such as the zoological gardens and the airport.
     After participating in these excursions, our students are required to write essays about their experiences in these interesting places.
  3. SPORTS:
    Omolewa’s educational experience effectively integrates vigorous athletics activities with our rigorous academic curriculum. All our students are required to actively participate in team sports such football, table tennis, and track and field. These sporting activities culminate in our annual inter-house sports and in competition with others schools in the city of Ibadan.
    All students in our primary section are required to participate in regular inter-class debates and quiz competitions. These important activities are geared towards enhancing the ability of our students to improve their oral communication skills in English and expand their knowledge of relevant local, national, and international issues. Over the decades, Omolewa has maintained a strong reputation of excelling in inter-school debates and quiz competitions.