I was given appointment as a teacher in Omolewa on March 24th, 1995. My experience started right from the interview stage. I’ve taught in other schools and I’ve also worked as a sales representative in a reputable Air Travel Agency before coming to Omolewa – but my versatility notwithstanding. I was faced with a kind of panel I’ve never experienced before. I had two interviews which involved theoretical and practical aspect of teaching; this immediately administered the fact that Omolewa believes in thoroughness and perfection. I believe that this experience is not peculiar to me but to the generality of the staff. Every aspirant or prospective teacher in Omolewa has to prove that he/she is not only certificated but can also defend it.

Again the very first day I entered the compound, I was welcomed by the serenity of the environment which at first sight will always portray the vision of the founder and proprietress of the school (our beloved mother-in-Israel Chief (Mrs.0 G. A. Vaughan) I believe she had the vision of beautifying the lives of the young ones which also is the ultimate goal of the staff of Omolewa Nursery and Primary School. The atmosphere is very conducive for effective teaching and learning. The classrooms are spacious and well ventilated. The school hall and the games resort for the school display master plan. Everything in the right place!.
One thing is to have qualified and capable teacher and it’s yet another to motivate them to implement their work effectively – and which is why motivation is very vital as regards positive performance.

Conversely, the proprietress who is a mother to all the staff is always motivating the teachers by giving them incentives. Apart from making positive adjustments on the staffs salaries when necessary, she makes sure that the teachers are paid promptly. This goes to show that she is indeed a mother to all the staff and she is very sensitive to our well being. She also cares sos much for us. This I know is the reverse in some schools. May the good Lord reward her for all she is doing the staff of Omolewa Nursery and Primary School. May she live “Longer” to reap the fruits of her labour in Jesus’ name. Amen.
It is noteworthy that Omolewa is such a school that brings out the talent of its pupils for development. For instance our able Administrator – Ambassador Chief (Mrs.) Ronke Adefope; came to discover that I have talent for conducting choir and teaching drama. Omolewa is also a training ground for teachers and most of us are now bearing pleasant testimony to what its been doing to help our destiny.

Omolewa believes in excellence and encourages it, no wonder why teachers are given the grace to further their education on part time basis.
When you look at the pupils of Omolewa at the assembly ground, you would come to terms with the fact that Omolewa believes in all round education. The neatness of the pupils and the uniqueness of their uniform say much about them. Yes! In Omolewa we really believe in total perfection – the psychomotive, cognitive and physical perfection of the child.
As regards the relationship that exists between the management and the staff – it is very cordial. The staffs are a bunch of responsible and respectable people who do not have to wait for instructions to do their work effectively.
Academically, Omolewa pupils always stand out among their peers. This is because of the solid foundation being laid at Omolewa. There’s no good school in Nigeria that does not have Omolewa ex-pupils-Suleja Academy, Unity Schools, Air Force Schools, International School Ibadan; just to mention, a few, Whao! Omolewa is super! It is incomparable with her contemporaries. We give God the glory.

Lastly the kind of parents I met at Omolewa are responsible ones who appreciate the value of education and are ready to give their wards the best. They buy the textbooks and pay their wards fees promptly to avoid any hinderance to effective teaching and learning of their wards. I pray God to reward them and crown their efforts with success in Jesus’ name. Amen.
Conclusively, may I say that Omolewa Nursery and Primary Institution is like Mount Zion of the Bible where people come and are filled from above with all kindsa of blessings; - teachers who have been married for sometime without kids soon start bearing kids as they come to Omolewa. Unmarried spinsters and bachelors get hooked and married at Omolewa and this explains why there is job satisfaction and job stability. Pupils whom their parents withdrew from other schools and are brought to Omolewa where they start excelling in their studies instantly as the methodology which the teachers apply suits effective teaching. What else can I say than to pray that; that which the teachers apply suits effective teaching. What else can I say than to pray that; that which the Lord has done and is doing in Omolewa shall be permanent in Jesus’s name. Amen.
By Mrs. A. O. Sheed
(Primary 3A Teacher)

It is a great privilege to be a teacher in Omolewa, Omolewa, literally means “A child is the beauty of life” As a child beautifies the life of an individual so also the school Omolewa Nursery and Primary School beautifies the lives of both the teachers who are working and the children who are passing through the school.

I taught in two different private schools here in Ibadan before I as a teacher in Omolewa. My experiences in other schools are quite different  from what obtains here in Omolewa. The first thing I appreciate in the school is the school environment (the buildings in particular). We all know that good and conducive environment facilitate learning. Omolewa Nursery and Primary School is quite conducive for proper learning. A casual look at the structure of the school gives one the impression that, this is an institution of higher learning (a model campus).
The classrooms are very spacious, the two field are big enough for sporting activities. The Library, Science Laboratory and Computer Rooms are well equipped.

In academics, I discover that Omolewa is a great Institution. It is a school that gives the students an all round education, it inculcates in the children the spirit of healthy competition as well as the right and moral values. It also creates in these children the awareness of their rights and responsibilities in the society. When it comes to academic standard, Omolewa is second to none. The school encourages academic excellence and how this is done is a question I once asked myself. I then discovered that unlike some schools that employ unqualified teachers in order to pay less salary. Omolewa takes teachers qualification and experiences very seriously.
I really thank God for the life of the Proprietress – Chief (Mrs.) Vaughan (Grandma) who in her old age still wants the best for both the children and the teachers. She employs University and N.C.E. graduates as teachers in the school. She pays very well and most importantly, she pay on time unlike some schools where salaries are paid late.
In Omolewa, teachers receive their annual leave bonuses every year as they do in government (public0 service. Many private schools don’t practice such.

Teachers who put in reasonable years of service in Omolewa are given retirement benefits when they retire. Some children in the school are given scholarship from Nursery to Primary section.
Omolewa helps in building their staff academically. Here, being an assistant teacher for years does not automatically qualifies one to be a class teacher. You still have to improve yourself academically before you become a class teacher. Unlike other schools where assistant teachers are given classes.
Teachers dress decently and serve as models to the children. Children on the other hand, have beautiful uniform that unique to Omolewa. They dress properly from head to toe. Girls make good hair styles weekly and this makes them look smart in the school.
With all these experiences put together, I stand out to say that Omolewa Nursery and Primary School is a blessing to both teachers and children of the school. It has been giving high quality service to the society, humanity and God.

By Mrs. Amaka Anyaeche