Our school curriculum is dedicated to academic rigor. Our teachers are highly qualified professionals with expertise in relevant academic disciplines, notably English grammar, English comprehension, mathematics, science, geography, social studies, religious studies, music, art. This comprehensive academic curriculum is not only geared towards ensuring that our graduates gain admission into leading secondary school throughout the country, but also to bring the highest academic  performance out of every student.

Through our comprehensive curriculum that integrates the very best in early childhood education and a rigorous pre-secondary school curriculum, we are confident that with our highly qualified teachers and excellent facilities, all our students will ultimately gain admissions into leading secondary schools.

School Programme: Crèche and Nursery and Primary:


This is the baby class where we have children from ages 1 year 6 months to 2 years. There are three teachers and a cleaner in each class of 12. Our crèche is home away from home. Our babies have comfortable resting places neat environment and patient baby minders to cater for their incessant needs. At the end of the session, they are promoted to Nursery class.


Children in this class are between age 3 and 4. Presently we have two classes of Nursery. Each is a class of 18 pupils with two teachers and a cleaner.

Kindergarten 1 CLASS:

There are presently two arms of kg. 1. Pupils in this class are between ages 4 and 5. There are 16 children in a class.

Kindergarten 2 CLASS:

We presently have two arms of Kg. 2 and pupils are registered at age 5. Each class has the same number with kg. 1.


The primary school has 6 classes. Primary one to 6. Pupils at this level are between ages 5 and 12. There are at most 25 pupils in a well spaced out class.