Latest Updates

Next term begins on Monday 29th April 2019.

The school would like to inform you that it is our pleasure to immortalize our founder and proprietress– late Chief (Mrs.) Gladys Aduke Vaughan for her years of selfless and meritorious work. For this reason, the school's end of session activities have been moved to her birthday – July 18 (to be called GLADYS ADUKE DAY) so that we can commemorate her year of birth to showcase to the world her great endeavours and contribution to humanity.

In order to cultivate and improve the reading culture of the pupils, the school has purchased more library books and the Library Time Table has also been re-scheduled to enable teachers to monitor their children at the library. Because of this a three day book fare was organized in the school by Chelis Publishers from 26th to 28th February, 2019. This is intended to develop and enhance the reading culture of the pupils. At the end of the book fare, parents appreciated the effort of the school and called for a repeat next term.

This term's open day came up on 26th Feb. 2019. The turn-out of parents to check out on their wards’ performances was not impressive at all. There is the need for parents to attach more importance to the open day in order to assess their children’s progress and for teachers to interact with parents concerning the class performance of their children.

This is to notify parents that the school in her wisdom with the help of our Director has henceforth stopped the billing of parents for Christmas and other parties. Parents can now concentrate on the payment of school fees and purchasing of books and writing materials for their wards. The School Director however concluded that only the outgoing pupils of Primary 6 and the graduating class of KG 2 are allowed to pay and have any party.We use this medium to appeal to individuals or group donors to donate either in cash or kind towards this new development for the end of the session’s party.

UNIFORM FOR GRADUATION The uniform for the outgoing pry 6, and that of the graduating. K.G 2 pupils are as indicated below: BOYS:- Black Suit, Orange Shirt, Black tie.
GIRLS:- Black skirt Suit, Orange Shirt, Black tie.

Extracurricular Activities
The School organized inter class debates, quiz and spelling bee competition throughout the term. Classes that excelled together with the outstanding pupils were given gifts.

  • KG 2 TO PRIMARY: FIRST BANK -A/C No – 2017907288
  • B/C TO KG 1 - UNION BANK - Acc. NO – 0004964967
  • UNIFORM A/C FIRST BANK -A/C NO – 2026924748

Recent News

During the term, a lot of things have been restructured in the school. Parents are now receiving information from the school via SMS, Whatsapp; while the pre-nursery and Nursery classes have been up-graded. Parents are admonished to send in educational information for the benefit of the school. We appeal to parents who are not on the Whatsapp platform to please forward their numbers.

We stand bold to say that Omolewa N/P School offers your child the best and qualitative education which is the essential pyramid of wisdom and knowledge. The aim of the school is to train and develop the intellectual capacity of pupils in potential academic and social wisdom. This was clearly evident in the recent Oyo State Common Entrance and other external Examinations whereby our children performed creditably.

Pre-Nursery Class
The school constructed two modern toilets for the babies, bought new and modern educational toys and play materials for them, as well as painting the class in attractive colours.

School Run Due to the problems of insecurity in the country, parents are admonished to come and pick their children by themselves after school hours. Parents who want their children to go home by themselves should please notify the school management. Parents using other drivers or Okada riders for school runs should please introduce such people to the school management.