1. Crocodiles are colour blind
  2. The human body contains enough fat to produce seven bars of soap
  3. Whatever its size or thickness, no piece of paper can be folded in half more than seven times
  4. Snails can sleep for three years without waking up
  5. Anger is short madness
  6. A true friend is someone who is there for you when he had rather be anywhere else
  7. 1ST October 1960, Nigeria became independent
  8. A butterfly has 12,000 eyes
  9. Alhaji Tafawa Balewa in 1960 1st October became the Prime Minister and in 1963 became the president
  10. An octopus has three hearts
  11. The past presidents of United States namely, Lincoln and Kennedy were both assassinated on Friday
  12. A fool wastes time on nothing important
  13. An ostrich eggs are so strong that they can easily support the weight of an adult
  14. The greatest miracle in the Bible is the resurrection of Jesus Christ
  15. Gen. Ibrahim Babangida became 1st Nigerian Military President in 1985, 27th August
  16. Man eats almost a tone of food per year
  17. The larges ocean in the world – pacific ocean
  18. The most commonly used letter in English language is the letter ‘E’
  19. The most popular vegetable is onion
  20. Bees have five eyes
  21. One hundred and twenty drops of water are needed to fill a teaspoon
  22. A moron is more intelligent than an idiot
  23. The longest rivers in the world are Mississippi, Amazon and Yangote
  24. June 12, 1993, presidential election was annulled by Gen. Babangida
  25. 29 May 1999, hand over the civil rule Olusegun Obasanjo was elected president

Akinkunmi Yerimah
Pry. 6.


  1. I am an object that always obey his master whenever he needs me, but if my master touches me he can easily die. What am I? Electricity
  2. I am something when you cut me you will start to cry. What am I? Onion
  3. I am something people hates but always clap for. What am I? Mosquito
  4. I am a popular city when my first and last letter is removed I become another popular state in Nigeria. What am I? London – Ondo
  5. I am a tiny rod that touches heaven and earth. What am I? Rain
  6. There are two close friends. Whenever they are moving they can’t touch each other, yet they bear one name. What is their name? Ceiling fan
  7. I am something when you see me today I am tall, but if you see me tomorrow, I will become shorter. What am I? Fire Wood
  8. There is a room if you knock, the door of the room and hear yes, it means you are to go back, but if you don’t hear any voice its an indication that you could go inside. What is the name of that room? Toilet
  9. I am something I bear the name of a person, you can see me in the stomach, you can see me in the kitchen. What am I? Andrew liver salt
  10. I am an object when I go. I face Lagos and returning I face Lagos. What am I? Talking drum

Tola Talabi
Pry. 4.  

Dust First

My Daddy is a doctor
I do not know about  yours
My Daddy is a very busy doctor
And most of the time
He spends his time
Helping the needy
Our telephone rings; off he goes
“Duty first, my kids
And then our personal bids”
We are proud of our Daddy
Who goes to help the needy

Ayodeji Adenuga
Pry. 1A

Omolewa my pride

Greatness begets greatness
How great you are Omolewa!
Old yet energetic
You have produced men of timber and caliber
How successful you are to have released
Into the society countless greatness
I am so proud to be associated with you Omolewa
An arrow shot into the society that is me
I am diligent, intelligent, committed and very honest
All these I got from you
Omolewa you are my pride

Imohiosen Jane Joy
Pry. 6.